In the last two posts I have covered using Visio 2013 with data and displaying it quite simply in a dashboard. This very quick post is going to cover how to use data graphics to do simple calculations and show adjust the data graphic accordingly.

Configure Data

For this example we are going to use the same data as before, except this time our students have a target and not just a grade


We are going to use Visio to give us a graphical view of how the student is performing

Create Visio Diagram

I am not going to go over how to create the diagram as this was covered in post 1 & 2 of the series (click on the numbers to access them)

So the screenshot below shows the external data being used and the data graphics. All of this is being done in Office 365 again


As you can see we have all the data in view but its a bit boring, plus its not immediately obvious how the students are performing

We are going to add an icon to the graphic to give us that instant feedback, to do this right click on one of the data graphics and select Data | Edit Data Graphic


As you can see, the current data is all there just displayed as text, although I have played around a bit with font sizes and headings to make it look a little bit better

You can use fields within the data as many times as you like so we are going to add the Grade field again by selecting New Item


Select all the options you need, in this case we are going to use the Grade data field again and I have selected Icon Set for the data to be displayed as and the style of icons I want

I want to show green if the student is above grade, red if they are below grade and a yellow triangle if they are currently at grade, lets start with above grade

Click where it says equals and select greater than


In the next box select More Fields


In this box select Shape Data, this will then allow you to choose from the external data choices, so in this case we are going to select Target as we want to compare the students current grade to their target

You should end up with it looking like this


Here is the rest of the icons filled in, take note that any you don’t want to use just change the setting to Not Used


Click OK and then OK on the Edit Data Graphic dialogue box


Visio now shows the data but also has a very clear indication of the current status of the student using the icons I configured earlier.

Saving the file to Office 365 will also allow non Visio client users to access the drawing and view the data as well



So what I have shown you in this post is how you can use Visio to carry out calculations against your data and display it in various ways or in this case as icons to give instant feedback on a students progress.

You could of course use these types of facilities to present graphical representations of stock levels against a reorder number, budgets against set warning criteria or even your personal finances against set warning levels.